Carta Restaurante Esteban
C/ Cava baja, 36. 28005 - Madrid +34 91 365 90 91

Traditional Spanish food restaurant. Specializing in grilled meat, snails, stews ... in a warm and pleasant. Ideal for menus for groups, family celebrations and business meals.

Entrantes Starters
Fried blood pudding, Stewed edible snails, Smoked ham
Estofados y Caza Stews
Stewed hen en pepitoria,
Stewed partridge,
Homely meat balls
Pescados Fishs
Bonito with tomato,
Squid in it�s
ink, Hake fried
in batter
Verduras Vegetables
Grilled vegetables of the season, vegetables cake
Carnes y Asados Meat and

Entrecotte with potatoes, Roast piglet, Lamb shoulder blade
Postres Desserts
Special dessert of the house